5 Coconut Homestay has located 2.5 km from the city center and 3 km from the sea. Cam Thanh village – a village with a seven-acre coconut forest attracts visitors near and far from Hoi An. This location is not in the center but not far away. You go to the sea and also near the convenient street.
The host is very friendly and enthusiastic. So don’t hesitate to ask them when you need them. We named our facility ” 5 Coconut ” because we wanted it to be impressive and meaningful. “5 Dừa” is the name of our mother: “Mrs is a wonderful woman”, we love her very much and would like to use her mother’s name to name this house.
In Hoi An, you can find many homestays, but each place has its characteristics, 5 Coconut Homestay will impress you not only with modern style, location close to nature, fields.